Mango or officially named as: Mango Airlines SOC Ltd, is a state-owned south African low-cost airline, is a subsidiary of South African Airways. The airline’s main hub is at OR Tambo International Airport, which is located near Johannesburg, its head office can also be found in OR Tambo International Airport in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng on the mezzanine level of the domestic departure area.

The airline provides services to different destinations in South Africa, and one destination in Tanzania. South African destinations are consists of: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, George, Johannesburg, and Port Elizabeth; as for Tanzania, the only destination of Mango is in Zanzibar.

Mango Airline

Origins and Ownership

Nic Vlok Mango Airline Acting CEOMango is a 100% owned by South African Airways, which itself is owned by the government of South Africa. Mango was launched on October 30, 2006 with bookings going on sale at midnight on the same date. The airline’s first flight took place on November 2006. Financials for Mango are incorporated within the SAA Group Figures. However, the SAA Group’s 2013 and 2014 Annual reports did give some details of Mango’s performance, but the 2015 report remains overdue.

As of August 01, 2016, Mango has appointed its General Manager Operations: Nic Vlok to act as the airline’s Chief Executive Officer. This follows the resignation of founding CEO Nico Bezuidenhout, who joined FastJet at the end of July. Nic Vlok is an accomplished and a highly experienced aviation professional, with 35 years of airline experience. Vlok acted as Mango’s CEO before during Nico Bezuidenhout’s secondment to SAA in 2004 and 20015.  

What people are saying

Mango is an award-winning airline and can be considered as South Africa’s pride. Reading some of the reviews given by the airline’s passengers, I’ve noticed that most of these reviews were all about excellent remarks, that tells the readers how brilliant flying with Mango is. Here are some of the reviews:

Mango Airline

We left Cape Town at 5.40pm on Wednesday 30 November 2016. The plane was almost full and after receiving the flight instructions we were told that the flight would be one hour 30 minutes as there was a tail wind. No sooner had I read through the in Flight magazine when the Captain announced we were preparing for landing and we would be landing at 7.10pm.We were spot on 7.10pm as they switched off the engines once we had entered the parking bay. It had been a quick but comfortable flight! well done to the captain, crew and the mango staff!”
—Adele M (Durban, South Africa)

Mango Airline

“Mango is a wonderful option when all you want is to get from Point A to Point B with no frills, no meals or snacks, little customer service, no inflight entertainment, no nothing.. In our case, we traveled from Durban to Cape Town and return. Mango is a great option for short flights around South Africa such as this one. The cabin crew was professional but definitely not friendly. The flight crew were more outgoing. Both of our flights boarded on time and departed on time. Mango loads its planes at both airports from the front and the rear, so boarding and deplaning occurs very quickly, a very nice feature. We’ll definitely ride with Mango again!!”
—Punchbuggy_Winnah (Durban, South Africa)

Mango Airline

“I’m flying to Durban frequently for business and never used Mango, till 1 day I was forced to fly with them due to the unavailability of seats on the Airline I used to use. Now I’m flying only with Mango. The value for money is great!! the legroom in their planes are bigger and I’ve never seen a dirty plane. The staff are well trained and very friendly, It is very seldom that a flight was delayed. Keep it up Mango, you’re great.”
—ChriswL119RS (Sandton)

The Website

Mango Airline

The website features a vivid website that promotes the airline’s orange hue, it’s an informative website that showcases different links that’ll help the user to read some of the airline’s information: flight promos, guidelines and other advertisements. The website allows the user to search and book a flight, check for hotel reservation, check for available car rentals and even manage their bookings. You can visit the website for more information by clicking here.

Mobile App

Mango Airline

Mango also offers the handy version of their website, through their mobile app. Designed for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded by clicking the links given below:

Mango for: iOS
Mango for: Android


Mango features a uniform fleet of aircraft with high seating density. They also offer online ticketing, which does not include (standard booking) foods and drinks. Mango offers a buy on board programme, offering foods and drinks purchase.

Mango Airline

As for flight entertainment, Mango provides an in-flight magazine called: Mango Juice along with Mango TV. In-flight Wi-Fi is also available on all flight for a fee.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +27 11 086 61 00
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +27 21 815 41 00
  • Head Office Address: Mezzanine Level, Domestic Departure Terminal, O,R, Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, 1627, South Africa

Mango Airline


As a low-cost carrier, Mango provides limited services, but aims to give its passengers the feeling of convenience and comfort as they travel with them. With their courteous staff, who will always help you politely with you concerns, comfortable seats, and their fast yet smooth flight; traveling with Mango must be a brilliant experience!

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