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Nordic Regional Airlines, a subsidiary and preferred operating partner of Finnair, also offers Finnair flights on their official website. This Finnish regional airline was previously known as Flybe Nordic, now trading as Norra or N°RRA. According to Nordic Regional Airlines’ profile, their mission is to provide safe and high-quality regional flights for other airlines not only ecologically but cost-effectively and efficiently.

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Our Nordic Regional Airlines reviews look at information about the airline operating flights for the Finnish region.

Background and History

Nordic Regional Airlines traces its roots to the joint purchase of Finnish Commuter Airlines (FCA) by Flybe and Finnair to result in a new airline they rebranded Flybe Nordic. The latter commenced operations on October 20, 2011, after their acquisition of Finncomm Airlines. While in 2014, Flybe announced the sale of their 60% stake on the airline for €1, negotiations are still underway with Flybe Nordic commencing operations as Nordic Regional Airlines in May 2015. Maunu Visuri, Nordic Regional Airline’s CEO, says the airline’s name change reflects their concentration on regional flights and also, the shift in their ownership.

As of November 2014, Nordic Regional Airlines has codeshare agreements with Air France, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Finnair, and KLM. Meanwhile, as of August 2016, the airline’s fleet is comprised of 11 ATR 72-500 and 12 Embraer 190.

What Users Have to Say

There aren’t much Nordic Regional Airlines reviews, though they have an Airlineratings page with reviews on Flybe Nordic, as Nordic Regional Airlines was formerly known. They had a perfect rating on Safety, and a 3 out of 5 star rating score on product.

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Here’s is what Nordic Regional Airlines reviews on their official website say: “The punctuality of Nordic Regional Airlines is top notch. During 2014, 99.5 percent of the company’s flights were flown with regularity and 90 percent were punctual- that is within 15 minutes of the notified schedule. Our company has been constantly praised for the quality of our customer service. During the first quarter of 2015, our cabin staff received a grade of 8.3. 9.1/10 of our passengers could recommend a flight operated by Norra to the others.”

Their Official Website

Their website’s language can be changed between Finnish and English. Visitors can start searching conveniently when they click on Services from the homepage. Nordic Regional Airlines operates on average more than 50,000 flights in a year. As mentioned, Norra has flights within Finland and throughout Europe; check out their flights within Finland and in Europe.

Meanwhile, follow this link from their official website to book your Finnair flight.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +358 10 249 4000
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Nordic Regional Airlines Oy, Öljykuja 2 01530 Vantaa, Finland

Concluding Words

Nordic Regional Airlines offers punctuality and excellent customer service. Throughout their history, they served the region, offering flights that efficiently take passengers within the country and across Europe. With an almost-perfect rating on reviews sites, they are highly regarded in the industry and by their users. I would recommend this professional airline to anyone who wants a problem-free experience.

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