Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Robert StanfieldNamed in honour of Robert Stanfield, the 17th Premier of Nova Scotia, and leader of the federal Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Halifax Stanfield International Airport, is a Canadian Airport located in Enfield, Nova Scotia; a community within Halifax, Nova Scotia. The airport serves Halifax, mainland Nova Scotia and adjacent areas in the neighbouring Maritime provinces.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport, is owned by Transport Canada; since it was constructed, and operated by Halifax International Airport Authority since 2000, forms part of the National Airports System.

Produced by the International Air Transportation Association and Airports Council International; Halifax Stanfield International Airport was ranked the best airport in the Americas for the second year in a row, as well as the best airport in less than five million passengers a year category, for the third year in a row (worldwide), and the best domestic service for the second year in a row.

In early 2010 Halifax Stanfield International Airport was rated by passengers as the Best Airport in the World, in its class for the seventh year in a row.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is the 8th busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic, and is a hub for: Air Canada Express, Cougar Helicopters, Maritime Air Charter, Provincial Airlines and SkyLink Express. 

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Reviews – What People Are Saying

Aside from being small, Halifax Stanfield International Airport serves their customers the best offers. Clean facilities and heart warming accommodations from their staff. Though small in number; various souvenir shops and restaurants can be found here. Most of the customers are giving positive reviews for the Halifax Stanfield International Airport’s superb accommodations. Some of these reviews are written below:

Cute airport that you can move very quickly through.  I like.  Good choice of food.  Or grab a beer while you wait.  And for the last minute trip gifts — there’s lots of that as well.  Who doesn’t want a Halifax t-shirt??”
—Mark D (Hamilton, Canada)

Halifax Stanfield International Airport Inside 1

“I have travelled through almost all Canadian airports and many international airports, and YHZ is one of the best! It’s modern and well organized. Personnel are the friendliest and most helpful I have ever experienced. Even security staff are friendly while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. Waiting areas are bright, clean and spacious. Other Canadian airports should send their staff here to see how it’s done right (yes I’m looking at you Toronto Pearson).”
—Eddie L (Summer Hill, Toronto)

“Like the previous reviews have stated, probably one of the better airports in Canada especially if you are used to Pearson. Absolutely no lines! Maybe it wasn’t a busy day (Tuesday) but we literally walked right up to the Porter baggage drop off and no lines at security either. Once past security there isn’t much other then a Tim Hortons, a restaurant/bar and magazine shop. Airport is a 30 minute drive from the city but traffic was not an issue”

—Faraz Q (Brampton, Canada)


A small airport with large glass windows, sparkling floors and unique architectural design. Halifax Stanfield International Airport, offers clean facilities and a number of souvenir shops and restaurants.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport Inside 2

The security here is fast and convenient added the assistance of their helpful and approachable staff. Halifax Stanfield International Airport current terminal contains a total thirty-one gate positions, with twelve using airbridges, The remaining gates are ground loading positions. Gates 22-24 and 26-28 are areswing gates which can serve domestic flights and then be converted to receive incoming international flights via glassed-in secure corridor from the holdroom from the international flight operations.


Public Transportation

MetroX Route 320MetroX route 320 is an express bus service that travels between the city centre and the airport, with two intermediate stops at the Dartmouth bridge terminal and the suburb of Fall River. The route is run by Halifax Transit. The route operates at a 30-minute frequency in the daytime and hourly in the evening. It is the most affordable transport option to the airport, with an adult fare of $3.50 and free onward transfer to connecting flights.  


Terminal Map

Halifax Stanfield International Airport Map

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: IATA: YHZ – ICAO: CYHZ
  • Phone number: 902-873-4422
  • Fax: 902-873-4750
  • Website URL: Halifax Stanfield International Airport
  • Email:  info@hiaa.ca
  • Address: Halifax Stanfield International Airport,1 Bell Boulevard, Enfield, Nova Scotia B2T 1K2


Halifax Stanfield International Airport Inside 3



With smooth accommodations and fast security procedures, Halifax Stanfield International Airport gives every customer the convenience of traveling. Whether you are rushing for your next flight or under a stopover, Halifax Stanfield International Airport will surely accommodate your needs, assist you with your concerns and make sure that you will enjoy your stay, no matter how long or short that period is.

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