People of any age will find something appealing in theme parks or amusement parks. Places filled with fun and fantasy, theme parks are borrowing some of their new attractions from popular movie franchises, bestsellers, and other aspects that make pop culture enthusiasts want to rush in and spend an entire day deep into a world they love. There are few better ways than spending a day learning the ins and outs of something that’s been so popular, or indulging in realizing your dreams turned into reality.

3 Wonderful Theme Park Attractions Based on Pop Culture Hello Kitty

Rollercoasters, simulated experiences, characters come to life from your favorite books or movies, giant ferris wheels, and entire themed areas dedicated to giving you the thrills of a lifetime, we gathered together 5 theme park attractions based on pop culture:

1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

3 Wonderful Theme Park Attractions Based on Pop Culture The Forbidden Journey

Probably one of the most exciting things to get from print to the real world, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey located at the Universal Studios Hollywood takes wizards and witches of all ages through a tour of Harry Potter’s magical world. Brought to you with groundbreaking technology, this Forbidden Journey brings you to the key places from the successful book and movie series, from the Gryffindor Common Room, the Room of Req uirement, and more places along with entering the castle grounds through their iconic entrance to come face to face with other magical creatures.

2. Universal Studios Japan: Super Nintendo World

3 Wonderful Theme Park Attractions Based on Pop Culture Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Japan will unveil Super Nintendo World in 2020, though a teaser of the attraction shows classic Super Mario elements turned to real life. Super Nintendo World was inspired by Super Mario. The new theme park land is like walking right into your game and into Mario’s world. Mushrooms and grassy terrain like the ones we’d seen on the games take center stage, making fans of Super Mario thrilled to feel like a real gamer in the real world.

3. Disney’s Hollywood Studio: The Great Movie Ride

3 Wonderful Theme Park Attractions Based on Pop Culture The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride says it all. It’s a trip into the beloved scenes and moments of the classic movies that stayed through generations from the golden age of Hollywood. A slow ride with a host from Turner Classic Movies and a tour guide relives the magic of the movies, from Audio-Animatronics of the actors to reconstructed sets. Old films like Alien, Casablanca, and The Wizard of Oz take you back and forth through time and make you feel just like you’re in the movies.

Theme park attractions like the ones above are focusing on giving fans an outlet to have their dreams recreated with the help of technology, whimsey, and more. These places are fantastic places to visit and make it to many a travellers’ bucket list. A day spent in a theme park is worth it; it’ll give you that rare chance to explore something you had only dreamed about. With more pop culture influences than can be imagined, there’s something for everyone with these popular theme park attractions.

3 Wonderful Theme Park Attractions Based on Pop Culture ride

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