Most people want their travels to begin and end without a hitch, but a perfect vacation – though not impossible – is also not a surefire phenomenon with the long list of common travel problems. What follows is a list of 5 of the usual holiday problems and what you can do to avoid, cure, or rectify your situation.

5 Everyday Travel Problems and Their Solutions traveller

1. Losing Your Luggage

5 Everyday Travel Problems and Their Solutions

We have to let go of that large suitcase eventually, entering the airplane with the most important items you’ll need for your trip inside your carry-on. Packing for your flight starts with the right luggage: durable enough to survive the conveyor belt and properly labeled with your name, address, and personal phone number.

Solution: Prevention is better than cure. Whether or not you locate your missing baggage is uncertain, and can’t be blamed directly on anyone, including the airport. However, statistically it takes a couple of days to be reunited with missing baggage. Inform the airline immediately when you notice your luggage is missing.

2. Missing a Flight

5 Everyday Travel Problems and Their Solutions miss flight

Finally arriving at the airport only to discover the plane left can wreak stresses of all kinds. Travel time delay with traffic or bad weather or whatever other reason can make you miss your flight and cause you to resort to extreme or humbling measures.

Solution: Missing your baggage and missing your flight, travel faux pas, can be major problems but they’re best avoided than experienced. Prepare well ahead of time for early morning flights, and you have all the right to negotiate with your airline to waive your replacement flight fee or help you around other options.

3. Language Barriers

5 Everyday Travel Problems and Their Solutions travel barrier

To get this list interesting: when you’re at your dream destination and finally learning the ropes of wherever you are. Learning the basic and important terms and phrases is a must. It helps greatly to know what you are doing, after all, learning a new language is one of the opportunities travel gives by experience.

Solution: Memorise a handful of the words for important places or services. Carry around a language translation book with you at all times.

4. Falling Sick

5 Everyday Travel Problems and Their Solutions falling sick

Falling sick in a foreign country shouldn’t panic you too much. Travelling overseas exposes us to changes in diet, weather, and even time zones that can make us feel sick. From motion sickness in cars or airplanes to disease-bearing insects to jet lag, a number of quick fixes help everyone avoid getting sick.

Solution: Visit your doctor for immunizations you may need before travelling. Prepare over-the-counter medications or take medications as prescribed by your doctor. Protect from mosquitoes and cure jet lag or motion sickness by controlling your food intake in the plane.

5. Disappointing Hotel

5 Everyday Travel Problems and Their Solutions disappointing hotel

When we check in to our hotel and find it’s worse than expected, in some instances, upgrades, room or hotel switches are possible. From dingy interiors to being mislead about its quality, your hotel room can have a long list of problems that you can’t live with.

Solution: As soon as possible, talk to the manager or receptionist should you want a room change or other alternative; inform them what troubles you about your hotel room. Ask about a possible refund or help at no extra cost arranging a replacement accommodation.

A great vacation is within reach if you know what measures to take to ensure your trip runs smoothly, and all that takes is a little common sense and the right steps.

5 Everyday Travel Problems and Their Solutions voyager road

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