When packing for a trip, what takes up important consideration is the kind or what clothing you are going to bring with you. Whether you wear the bulkiest clothing in thick layers while boarding the plane to free your baggage to bring home souvenirs, or if you plan to have fun dressing up while abroad, clothing comprise a large part of our luggage and travel experience.

This aspect of your travel planning will occupy much of your time and thoughts and requires knowledge of the place you are headed to: what types of attire are the norm, suitable and designed around your travel itinerary, and what you want to wear when you’re travelling.

5 Great Travel Clothing to Wear packer

1. Breath-easy fabrics

On the plane, opt for comfortable fabric that can help you survive either the cabin pressure, the long night, the dizzying altitude, or the alternating heat and crampedness or cold night. Perfect to pack into your luggage are clothes made from “breathable” fabric like cotton, linen, and silk which freely circulate air and moisture throughout, otherwise, sweat will stick onto you and your clothes and heighten your discomfort.

These kinds of material make your wandering easier too; they can make you feel light and fresh on a hot day out and about European streets or relatively warm and dry on chilly nights.

5 Great Travel Clothing to Wear breathable fabric

2. Comfortable shoes

Beyond your flight to where you land, your shoe choice and style will point the way towards the overall comfort and quality of your trip. Since you’ll be sitting long hours on the plane and walking throughout the duration of your trip, you should opt for comfortable shoes. Flat sneakers or ballet flats are recommended for women. These styles of shoes don’t attract unwanted attention.

5 Great Travel Clothing to Wear shoes

3. Other special clothing with many pockets

When you’re headed to meet up for brunch somewhere and are whipping up your phone for directions or need someplace to stash that and a small money bag, clothing with a lot of pockets can be not only practical but stylish. With all the things you have to carry with you, clothing with pockets such as jackets, vests, and cargo pants can hold small important items and turn you into a walking human carry on. This can eliminate the need to carry larger bags or purses when things are kept inside the pockets.

5 Great Travel Clothing to Wear pocket clothing

4. A wrap or a cardigan

For when the day suddenly seizes up or when you need extra protection against the harsh beating of the sun. A cardigan is lightweight and a wrap is comfortable and stylish. They can protect you throughout sudden changes in weather and are easy to put on and hide in your carry on when needed.

5 Great Travel Clothing to Wear wrap

5. Other multi-functional attire

From bug-repelling shirts, pants, bandannas to lightweight durable foldable ballet flats, to double-functioning windproof jackets, there are many attire that can help you save packing space and take your clothes a step farther. These were designed for travellers and do more than protect you against the elements but are desirable to wear.

5 Great Travel Clothing to Wear multifunctional attire

Wherever you go, feeling comfortable in yourself and safe when you travel a new place are always important. With these 5 great clothes you can wear while travelling, we hope to help in the question of what to wear.

5 Great Travel Clothing to Wear attire

What can you say about our reviews about some great travel clothing? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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