Founded in February 2005. HomeAway is a vacation rental marketplace, that allows its customer to search, find, and pick accommodations such as: cabins, condos, villas, castles, barns and farm houses. The company has over a million vacation rental listings in 190 countries, and has almost 1600 employees.

The company has operated through 40 websites in 22 languages and is continuing to expand.  


Origins and Ownership

brian-sharples-homeaway-ceoFounded as CEH Holdings in 2004. The company acquired several sites and consolidated them into a single vacation marketplace, thus, the launching of HomeAway.com in 2006.

Brian Sharples, Co-Founder and Chief Executive officer of HomeAway, has been leading the company for at least a decade. Sharples is also the former president and CEO of IntelliQuest Information Group, a supplier of marketing data and research to Fortune 500 technology companies; where he pioneered the development of subscription-based statistical research services and electronic survey systems.

However, recent events have said that Brian Sharples is stepping down as CEO of HomeAway. Sharples will shift over to the chairman’s role through January 2017, while John Kim, a long time executive for Seattle-based Expedia, will take over HomeAway as President; according to regulatory filing.

Brian Sharples earned a bachelor’s degree in math and economics from Colby College and a Master’s Degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


What people are saying

As far as the customers are involved, HomeAway is getting a combination of good and not-so-good reviews, coming from their consumers. However, this doesn’t affect the services provided by the company, HomeAway continues to offer accommodations and packages, in cheap and affordable price. Here are some of the reviews:

I rented a home in Luquillo and it was PERFECT!! Beautiful, spacious, clean, and the owner was super courteous. I was able to communicate with her at anytime and ask as many questions as possible. My family was allowed to come over and visit. It was the best family vacation I’ve had my whole life. Would totally do it again. Her listing # is 4159486 and I recommend it to ALL!”
—Deidra A (Bronx, NY)

“I have used VRBO and Home Away several times. The owners have always been great. This last week we did a HomeAway rental in Pigeon Forge. The owner suggested i send the check straight to him and save $$$ on the fees. What happened however was i did not take out the insurance that is offered thru the service. We had an emergency and had to leave after one night of five. No insurance no money back on the rental. I knew that going in,but i’m just recommending you need to always take out the insurance”
—Danny W (Jonesboro, AR)

The Website


The website will welcome you with different varieties of inspirational, yet travel-related photos.. HomeAway’s website is a simple website that only shows a list of beautiful houses that belong to their advertisement list. The website allows the user to explore, fill the page’s search query, and search for their desired accommodation. You can know more information on how their website works as much as some informations regarding the company, by clicking this link.


HomeAway also offers their mobile app, which is free to download and is available for both Android and iOS. You can download the app by clicking the links given below.

HomeAway: Android
HomeAway: iOS

Contact information

  • Website URL: https://www.homeaway.com
  • Contact number: 1-877-228-3145 / 512-782-0805
  • Contact Email: support-cs@homeaway.com
  • Head Office Address: Ste 300, 1011 W 5th St Austin, TX 78703



A very nice concept of finding a nice lodging, for a cheaper price. Making travelers feel the warmth and ambiance of being at home even though they are miles away. Have you tried booking with HomeAway? What are your experiences? Tell us by commenting below.  

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