For some, traveling has become a way of life. Moving from one place to another at regular intervals makes life more exciting and fun. For many, traveling only happens occasionally due to professional or personal reasons. Regardless, it’s understood that traveling requires you to spend some cash. The amount of money you spend will depend on these things: your destination, time allowance, and where you purchase your bookings. Some choose to buy directly from the suppliers while others go for the resellers.

Today, we will take a look at FlightHub. An online travel agency that provides booking services for travelers. Is FlightHub legit? Let’s find out!

What is FlightHub?

FlightHub is an online travel agency or OTA that has been in operating for more than twenty years. The company initially began as an offline travel business based in Ontario, Canada and served a small market. As the internet gained popularity, FlightHub decided to launch their own website which allowed them to attain the wide customer base they have today.

Today, they sell airline tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and cruise trip tickets. FlightHub operates using their own infrastructure which boasts security, speed, and reliability. The company also launched their own mobile application which runs on both Android and iOS devices. This app offers similar functionalities as the website with only a few app-only features. You may create your own account via the website or the app if you want to be notified of the promos and discounts from thousands of suppliers.

What makes FlightHub stand out?

FlightHub knows their purpose and continue to improve on them. This is something that I noticed over the past few years of using this online travel agency. The company operates with their core competencies in mind. One can easily see this by taking a look at their website’s simple aesthetics and straightforward approach. I see no pretentiousness nor unnecessary “features” that distract users.

FlightHub’s ability to offer some incredibly cheap airline tickets is also admirable. Due to their partnership with over 400 airlines, it comes as no surprise as to how they manage to provide these services at a meager price. The same can be said with their other services.

FlightHub’s weaknesses

No business is perfect. Despite FlightHub’s impressive corporate longevity, they are still prone to problems that can inconvenience their customers. This is especially true since they’re operating online, which means that technical problems are bound to happen.

Moreover, it’s important to know that FlightHub is a third-party retailer. Any unsatisfactory experience that you may have during the duration of your flight or hotel stay cannot be amended by them. These things are simply out of their jurisdiction, which is why I suggest that you do some research about the airline or hotel that you plan to book.

How safe is FlightHub?

Is FlightHub Legit - Is FlightHub Secure?

The company prides itself for providing a fast, efficient, and secure way of buying tickets online. Many people may take this for granted but your information is very important and any kind of data leak can lead to some serious and expensive consequences.

Luckily, FlightHub’s team is working hard to ensure that no information will be released to any unauthorized person or organization. As of today, I have not seen any complaint that says anything about breach of information and privacy.

The verdict

FlightHub’s ability to serve their customers shows how much they’ve learned over the years. With thousands of satisfied customers and ever-increasing partnerships, we can see that this company is right where it needs to be.

There are a lot of things that can be improved but I believe that we’ll see them eventually in the future, considering how fast they have evolved. FlightHub may not be as popular as the other OTA moguls, but they I can see that they are on par with the giants.

So, is FlightHub legit? I’d say yes.

Try FlightHub and let us know what you think!

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