Most people, when traveling, worry about a lot of things –whether it’s about booking the airline tickets, reserving hotel accommodations, preparing an efficient itinerary, and checking out restaurants for your travels. Many people would not want to stress out everything about their travels, especially abroad. Of course, who would want to get stressed when you’re traveling for a vacation and relaxation?

This is the reason why a lot of people nowadays, prefer hiring tour companies and airfare aggregator sites to reserve flight tickets for them. One of those online travel agencies is JustFly, an online OTA founded by a quartet of software engineers back in 2014. JustFly is part of a larger company called Momentum Travel. It’s been quite the success since there are more than 100,000 visitors come to their website. In just a few years, JustFly has grown into a large website.

What could have made this happen? Here are some of my observations why JustFly thrives in the industry.

They have a simple and convenient service

You’re traveling and you’re looking for the cheapest flights possible across their 400+ partner airlines and hotels? JustFly got you covered. All you have to do is to fill out your desired flight dates and in just a few clicks, you already know the best flight date and time for your travel. Aside from that, they also have hotel bookings and car rentals offered. It saves time and effort because clients can easily finish everything in less than 10 minutes.

JustFly Customer Hotline

We all know that getting a hold of each customer is a time consuming task. But, a great service provider is really measured when something goes wrong. Unlike what some big online travel agencies who hides behind their huge websites, JustFly is easy to talk to. The website has the chat support where you can ask your queries. They also posted their hotline number in case you will need an immediate help.

However, there are mixed reviews about their responsiveness in calls and issues. From various forum groups, the opinion has been divided whether JustFly really responds quickly enough during calls. I suggest you should do a test call and experience yourself how the OTA handles calls and concerns.

Flight Priority

Most airlines will always prioritize travelers booking on their websites on rescheduled flights, and travelers from OTAs will have to go at the back of the line. You can make your travel a little better if you have your frequent flyer account number if you would have to rebook your flights. If you’re traveling with your family or with a large group, make sure to check the flight numbers before leaving for the airport. If you want to sit together, arrive 72 hours before your flight and ask the desk agents for help to make sure you can sit together with your family. The email service on their iPhone application to track every step of the process until you board your flight. Also, there are email alerts for the lowest fares every now and then.

In choosing your OTA, you have to consider various factors. We hope this review shed light about the OTA JustFly.


Have you ever tried JustFly before? Share your experience with us in the comments!




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