Travel and tech have successfully synergized. After many years of being a technology-stagnant industry, a new age has long begun and it brought along convenience and affordability with it. Today, we give you JustFly Reviews 2018—new assessment of this online travel agency in an effort to evaluate its prowess in the industry.

What exactly is JustFly?

According to their website, JustFly is an online travel agency focused on bringing travelers cheap airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and cruise trips. The company collaborates with about 400 airlines for faster transaction. This also allows them to offer airline ticket discounts and time-limited promos faster.

JustFly is made up of a team of travel professionals and software developers. These help them provide an effective online travel booking platform that performs rather well. The company also has customer support which is available for everyone who may have further questions about their services.

The JustFly website

JustFly Reviews 2018 - The JustFly Website

At first glance, their website may seem mediocre but I personally like it. I like how elegantly stripped-down it is but still maintains the essential features that users actually need and want.

Their homepage is basically divided into two sections. The first thing you’ll notice is the booking table/field—a rather common design used by other online travel agencies today. It’s a feature that is very intuitive to use. Type in your destination, number of passengers, departure and/or arrival dates, and hit the search button. You’ll find the results of your query properly listed down and categorized by price.

The second section of their homepage simply displays the most popular tourist destinations all around the world. Vibrant photos of each place are shown on top of the names. Click the image and the booking field on top of the page will automatically adjust to the location you’ve clicked.

Useful information can also be found on their website. I like how they provide these things easily and the FAQ actually contains questions that I would like to ask.

JustFly Reviews 2018 from us and the customers

I know many people are attracted by the words ‘cheap’ and ‘travel’ but for some, it may raise some red flags. For tickets and other bookings to be that low-cost, what is being compromised? During the early days of OTAs, this concern is relevant. Fortunately, the businesses in the industry have learned their lesson and stricter regulations have made online booking safer and more reliable.

For JustFly, I can attest that they are pretty legitimate as an online travel booking service. Of course, it would be a good idea to actually read their policies, FAQ, and terms/conditions. This will save you a lot of time in case you have inquiries regarding cancellations, info modifications, etc.

Their services perfectly harmonize with their website. Simple but not lacking. They accept major credit cards as the main payment method and after trying it out, the process was fast (as expected) and easy. A year ago, I’ve experienced a booking issue where I had to manually refresh the page to see the correct pricing but fortunately, they fixed this bug.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of the JustFly reviews 2018 from the customers themselves.


JustFly Reviews 2018 - What customer think about JustFly


As you can see, the JustFly reviews 2018 are impressive. They have an impressive record considering how brutally honest the internet can be. A lot of the reviews I’ve seen are praising the company’s low-cost tickets and well-trained customer service department. While cancellations may still take some time (and money,) this may be due to the complicated policies of airlines and hotels.

How to contact JustFly

If you need to contact JustFly for questions, cancellations, or for any other reason, kindly try the contact details below.

You may also visit their support page by clicking here.

JustFly 2018 reviews – the final results

Should you try using JustFly for your travel needs? If you like buying tickets, accommodation bookings, and other travel services, then yes. The website functions well which is complemented by the stellar customer service that they offer. For those who love traveling on a tight budget, definitely sign up for their email letters because you will receive notifications for the latest available discounts.

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