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SmartFares Reviews - LogoWhen on a vacation, some people tend to go all out in terms of the services that they avail of. Be it on dining, accommodation, or on transportation, sometimes we don’t realize that we’re already spending too much on these overpriced and unnecessary luxuries. Experienced travelers are a bit more frugal. This doesn’t mean that they’re sacrificing too much of their trips, they are just a bit wiser in terms of their spending.

Knowing that, several companies have began popping up, promising “affordable travels” and “value for your money”. Among these companies is SmartFares, an online travel agency that allows users to book flights and other travel services online. Today, come check out these SmartFares reviews written by those who tried out their services.

About SmartFares

SmartFares began offering their services to the public in the year 2006. According to their website, what sets them apart from other online travel agencies is the fact that they gather their data from multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS), unlike others who only gather from a single GDS. This, they claim, allows clients access to more services from more travel companies. Their head office can be found in San Diego, California, but they have their customer support agents spread on different locations around the world.

What people are saying

As per the SmartFares reviews, I saw some mixed opinions from their previous customers. Some said good things about the company’s services, with the convenience of booking travel services being their best asset.

The company’s offered services may have been perfect until you need to alter your existing bookings or do anything that requires the help of their agents. Here is one of the reviews:

Customer rep on the chat line always try and rip people off, why? That’s just plain rude and unprofessional. Why is everyone on chat line trying to rip off customers? Is there a commission fee that’s making them so rude and greedy on the phone?

Moreover, the positive reviews on TrustPilot seems to be too good to be true, making me think that they might be written by people who were paid to write positive reviews.

A look at their website

SmartFares Reviews - Website

When you look at their website, you will immediately notice that the design appears to be quite outdated. The layout, while standard, looks dull and the colors just don’t click with me.

The homepage is set on a dark teal background, with the logo at the upper left corner. Some orange text and buttons are found here and there, and a large background image featuring a currently available promo is found in the middle of the page. In front of the image, at the left part of the homepage, is the flight booking form. It has several textboxes which users must fill up in order to search for their desired flights.

Aside from flight booking, travelers may also use the website to reserve hotel rooms, rent car-for-hire services, and book leisure cruise tickets. Click here to view the website yourself.

Customer Service

If you have any concerns or inquiries about their services, you may visit their website and chat with a live agent by clicking on the orange “Live Chat” tab on the lower right side of the page. Other than that, they also have a telephone hotline that you can contact. For those in living in the US, call (877) 245-3755 (Toll-free), for those living abroad, dial +1 (858) 256-7201. For Spanish-speakers, call +1-858-384-4798. Their hotline and chat support is available 24/7.

Contact information


To conclude this article, we can see in the SmartFares reviews above that the agency does offer some affordable travel services. However, in terms of the customer support they provide (or DON’T provide), they completely fall short. When we’re traveling, we should always make sure that every service we book is from a reliable service provider. Otherwise, we risk of not only wasting money, but also ruining our well-deserved vacation.

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