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Travellers crave to spend their budget on an experience that’ll take them away from what they experience everyday back at home. That’s where the hotel website Stayful comes in. The Stayful team believes that independent boutique hotel experiences can transform your trip into something special, though are often overlooked in favour of the bigger hotels. Online, Stayful gathers the hotels that have the potential to change the way you live your travel for the traveller they have in mind.

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In our latest Stayful reviews, we take a closer look at this travel website’s services and main features, their company background and history, and what users think of their experience. We hope that these Stayful reviews help.

Background, History, and More Information

Stayful collects their selection of independent boutique hotels in one place for the traveller seeking a unique hotel experience. The Stayful team is a group of travellers who believe that these kinds of hotels can turn your vacation into a lasting memory.

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Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

On Highya, one Stayful reviews wrote: “Additionally, while the prices aren’t astronomical, these aren’t the sort of hotels that you book when just in need of a place to crash when passing through. The hotels on Stayful’s roster offer carefully curated experiences, a range of ambiances, and an overall sense of refinement. You won’t find one and two-star hotels here, nor any giant Vegas casino-sized hotel that has over 100 rooms.” This Stayful reviews ends: “One final note: Because Stayful negotiates lower prices with hotels who then lose out on other bookings by reserving your room, there are no refunds. So, before you book, make sure your plans are set.”

Their Official Website and Main Services and Features

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Their official website’s crisp and clear. Though, it may be overly professional and tiresome to look at. The hotels in their top destinations are shown in list form at the bottom of the homepage if you need inspiration.

You can subscribe to Stayful’s  news and updates when you sign up by entering your email address at the bottom of their homepage. For more information, updates, and offers about Stayful, view their Twitter account here. Stayful also has a Facebook page, here, and a Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube account. Meanwhile, you can download Stayful’s mobile app from the App Store, here in this link.

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Contact Details:

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  • Website URL:
  • Head Office Address: San Francisco, California, United States of America

Concluding Words About the Service

Stayful emphasizes on how much they love doing what they do. Their passion for getting and giving us these boutique hotel experiences is clear from their website. Though, I checked out their site for these Stayful reviews and didn’t really feel their enthusiasm for hotels other than through their content. Though they don’t seem over expensive, their hotels are for certain kinds of people who’re prepared to shell out for this kind of experience and be involved in the policies surrounding it.

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