Wanderlust–a strong and intense desire to see, feel, and experience the wonders of a different place–is now a well-known term that is often used by travelers or those who wish to become one. With the travel industry hitting peak levels, it’s no wonder why more and more people are experiencing this intense emotion. Different organizations work together to help make people’s travel dreams come true, but few of them are actually worth one’s time and hard-earned money. JustFly is among those few online travel agencies that actually manage to satisfy their customers. Why use JustFly? Is this company capable of providing the things that they promised? Join us to find out.

About JustFly – background, history, and travel services

JustFly is an online travel agency that claims to bring travel to the masses. With its budget airline tickets, accommodations, car rental services, and cruise line tickets, it’s no wonder why many travelers turn towards this OTA whenever they wish to save several hundred bucks.

The company prides itself for providing everyone an easier and more affordable alternative to booking tickets. Traveling the world is one thing, and traveling the world on a budget is another. Experienced travelers know that every dollar spent is truly worth it, and JustFly helps them accomplish that.

JustFly launched their website on February 10, 2014. Back then, they only provided discount airline tickets and hotel bookings. Today, the company has grown so much that it has already developed partnerships with more than 440 airlines and thousands of hotels. Also, JustFly now offers online car rental booking and cruise tickets.

Why should you use JustFly for your next trip?

There are different reasons why people use JustFly and in this section, we will highlight the most common reasons. If you’re curious about this company and are planning to book a flight soon, here are some factors that might convince you to use this OTA.

Reason #1: An affordable way to book travel tickets online

As a budget online travel agency, it’s not surprising why many people consider JustFly’s strongest asset are cheap travel tickets. Whether you’re looking for a one-way flight to meet your loved ones or someone who  plans to hop from city to city, this OTA can satisfy your craving for discounted travel services. How does JustFly do this? Basically, the company has partnered with hundreds of airlines and more than ten thousands hotels, car rental associations, and cruise lines around the world. These partnerships allow JustFly to be notified about the newest travel promos which they then sell to the customers.

Reason #2: Beginning to end customer service

The nature of online travel agency is that it allows users to book their own travel needs all by themselves. However, this isn’t always possible. Customers will always have questions, complaints, and other concerns. Sometimes, a customer may not know how to use the JustFly website for various reasons. In such cases, the customers can just call the JustFly hotline at 1-800-717-5015. One thing that I really appreciate is good customer service and let me tell you that this company has one of the best support staff among all other online travel agencies. They will be more than happy to book you a flight or guide you through the booking process until you finally make your purchase.

Reason #3: JustFly is a user-friendly OTA

Why Use JustFly - JustFly Website

If you value your time, then JustFly is the right online travel agency for you. Their website perfectly illustrates their objective-to help people save money AND time when searching and buying their travel tickets. On their homepage, you’ll immediately find their booking form. This feature is intuitive and you’ll quickly find the right flight, hotel, car rental, or cruise trip that you’re looking for.

Would you use JustFly on your next trip? Let us know why or why not by leaving a comment down below!



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