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Yatra Reviews - LogoWhen planning their travel itinerary, many people prefer to do everything online. Unlike before, a great number of travelers now have access to the internet. With the help of technology, online travel companies have popped into existence. Among these companies is Yatra.

This online travel agency offers services such to travelers such as flight bookings, hotel room reservations, holiday deals, transportation, homestays, and more.

That’s a lot of services, but should you book with them? Let’s find out by looking at the latest Yatra reviews written by their customers.

What is Yatra?

Yatra Reviews - CEO Dhruv ShringiAs mentioned above, Yatra is an online travel agency established and based in India, specifically in Gurgaon, Haryana. However, this does not mean that they only offer travel services within their country. In fact, Yatra’s services are mainly focused on international travel destinations.

The company was founded in August 1, 2006 by Manish Amin, Sabina Chopra, and Dhruv Shringi. The current Chief Executive Officer of the company is Dhruv Shringi. Prior to co-founding the company, he served as the Director of Ebooker, another online travel agency.

Last April 2012, the online travel agency was recognized as the second largest in India, after having 30% of all online travel-related business transactions.

What people are saying

Uh-oh, seems like Yatra isn’t as good as they want us to believe. According to the Yatra reviews I found online, the customer service department is among the most unreliable and incompetent agents that customers ever experienced. Here are some of the customer reviews:

Major problem that I faced was after booking the package they will leave it upto. They will not call you. They want you call and ask things. Next is change of hotels. They will change your hotel stating some reason . Now they are not refunding my booking amount. Its a big loss for me.

I had worst experience with yatra.com. I took a package to Mauritius from yatra just because of its brand value but I was wrong . Service and package provided by YATRA is humiliating. They are just onto money nothing else.They are not bothering after they receive money from the consumer.

Yatra is so utterly unprofessional and deals in malpractices to extort money from customers in the name of offering the best and cheapest services! And once they’ve managed some or complete payment from the customers, the entire customer care department goes into hibernation.

The website

Yatra Reviews Website

When you visit their website, you will immediately notice the flight booking form found in the middle of the website. Above this form, you will find the different services that they offer: hotels, homestays, holidays, buses, trains, cruise, and activities. Simply click on the service that you need and the form will automatically change.

Aside from those above, they also feature the latest travel deals, promos, and even a travel blog.

Contact information

  • Website URL: http://www.yatra.com/
  • Contact number: 0124 – 4375353 / 4052323 / 4062323
  • Contact Email: info@yatra.com
  • Head Office Address: 6th Floor, Tower D, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector -39, Gurgaon – 122001


Looking at the Yatra reviews I’ve managed to gather online, the company’s reliability is somewhat questionable. It’s likely that their services are from legitimate travel service providers,but the way they handle customer feedback, inquiries, and requests elicits the annoyance of their own clients.

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