HolidayguruA travel website which provides information about Cheap Holidays and Travel Bargains. Holidayguru or sometimes called MyHolidayguru has 10 different country-based website, that automatically shows travel bargains and deals given on the specific country. These sites can be reached by clicking the language button on the upper right side of the page, select the language of your choice and you will be redirected to the same website with different language and different travel deals dedicated for the given country–it’s just like teleporting–well, sort of.

Travel Guru offers travel deals from around the world, from Asian round trips to hotels, to beaches and other travel coupons. Holidayguru seems to be able to provide all of the information you need.

In this review, we are going to see how Holidayguru really works, especially their app which I find a little bit interesting, as there are a huge number of positive reviews coming from its users.


How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:
  • Contact Number: +49(0) 23 01/ 94580-0         
  • Contact Email:                           
  • Head Office Address: Gemeinde Holzwickede, Kreis Unna  




HolidayguruStarted as a travel blog website written and updated by: Bahar Sykes, travel enthusiast who seems to have some ideas on how to travel without overspending, how and where to get the best travel deals, promos and etc. With the number of ideas and travel tips she has given through her travel blog, readers and loyal followers of Bahar Sykes were so pleased that eventually, the travel blog website became an online travel agency which was established in 2014.

The website still has the travel blogs, still written, edited and carefully proofread by Bahar Sykes; but it also has the ability to search for flights, travel promos, vacation accommodations, and other travel deals and allows the user to directly book from the number of partners Holidayguru has.

With the help of their shareholders: Daniel Krahn and Daniel Marx, Holidayguru aims to provide the cheapest and best travel experience, every traveler should have.


What people are saying

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are giving Holidayguru a huge number of positive review, giving them the impression of being one of the most reliable online travel agencies. But I am not so sure about that, as I’ve also read some comments that refers to some issues and problems that the website still has, and of course, as well as their mobile app. Here are some of the reviews:

A brilliant holiday site to use, always finds you amazing deals at fab prices 🙂 x would recommend to anyone who wants to find a good holiday package x”
—Samantha Jayne (Pennington, GB)


Doesn’t offer anything for us located users. Then don’t offer it on us play store.”
—In He Jung (United States, review via Google Play)

“Created an account trying to msg Holidayguru but have heard no reply. ( there was no option on the app to contact only on the website). No ability to comment on deals just says can not post comment and unable to load posted deals within the comments. Great app and do recommend just hope some minor bugs are fixed.”
—Jacob Hoey (Australia, review via Google Play)


The Website


The website welcomes you with a photo of a vibrant coconut tree and the bright blue sky, making you feel the ambiance of a nice tropical vacation. The website allows the user to type in his or her destination through the search bar, and check for the website’s results for possible flight, accommodation and vacation deals. Choosing one of the results will transfer the user to a third-party website where they can book directly.


The Mobile App

HolidayguruThe mobile app is a more compact and handy version of the website, with added features like on-time push notifications for tips and new travel deals, and comment or ask a question on every deals that can be answered by any of Holidayguru’s team. The app is compatible for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded by clicking the links given below:


Holidayguru for: iOS

Holidayguru for: Android



Holidayguru is a travel search engine website and app that provides the latest information about the cheapest and best holiday travel deals around. I’ve got no problem with how their system works, but what I’ve noticed is that they don’t have enough travel deals for certain countries, cities and areas throughout the globe, it seems that most of their deals are focused only in Europe and a number of places in Asia. I think Holidayguru should also indicate their followers this matter, especially for those people who are living in areas that are not included in their system.   

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