HotelQuickly App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

HotelQuickly is a mobile application for last-minute discounted hotel booking headquartered in Hong Kong with an operational head office located in Bangkok, Thailand. It was founded in December 2012 by Raphael Cohen, Michal Juhas, Tomas Laboutka, Mario Peng, and Christian Mischler. The travel app serves a number of places throughout the Asia-Pacific region – available in a variety of languages including English – under the leadership of CEO Tomas Laboutka.

The HotelQuickly app gives users access to book hotels at discounted rates even at the last minute wherever they are, for exclusive hotels in the top destinations in the Asia-Pacific region. In our HotelQuickly app reviews, we look into the leading hotel booking app and how people think about their experience.

Services and Features

Available for free for iPhone and Android devices, the HotelQuickly app features more than 20,000 hotels, currently covering more than 300 destinations. Through the app, users can access deals as much as 28% cheaper than the best online rates on the most exclusive hotels. Their hotels are located in 16 Asia-Pacific countries. The HotelQuickly app caters discounted deals especially on rooms that would have otherwise gone unsold from hotels selling distressed inventory, to customers who may be booking on short notice.

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The app is a private sales channel; users are required to sign up before they can check out the hotel rates. HotelQuickly had partnered with thousands of hotels for low rates on next-day or same-day booking. App users get to book as late as 4 am if they are to check in to their hotel the same night. The hotels on the other hand update their deals directly on a daily basis.

You can discover the best deals from hotels, earn additional discounts by inviting friends, and keep on saving with their loyalty program using the HotelQuickly app, according to their description.

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Check out their Google Play page for a list of the countries where you can book hotels and the app’s available languages.

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Reviews of Customers

HotelQuickly App Reviews 2017 userHotelQuickly app reviews gave the app a high score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. However, the most recent HotelQuickly app reviews on Google Play gave them one star. Both had problems with their booking. One shared that he ordered the deal at the last minute, discovering when he arrived at the hotel that there was no room while others faced similar problems with their reservation.


How To Reach Them?

Quick Fix for Hotel Hunting

HotelQuickly App Reviews 2017 brand logoIt’s a byword that the closer you book to your day of travel or check-in the deeper the discount. When hardpressed for an accommodation, I would not entirely suggest you use the HotelQuickly app. There was mixed feedback about them though the most recent HotelQuickly app reviews show that their customer service was unhelpful and unprofessional.

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