House of Travel App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

New Zealand is a postcard-worthy place that promises nature lovers and curious travellers many avenues to explore. Here, comes one of their country’s most-loved travel companies House of Travel, whose app makes managing your trip convenient from your Android device.

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House of Travel app users can take their travels with them wherever they go, availing of numerous services and features unique to the app. Our House of Travel app reviews take a look into the travel app’s main services and features, as well as into what users think of them.

Services and Features

I checked out the House of Travel app: it had a “sleek” dark purple and white colour scheme and a basic-looking layout and design. The rest of the app looks consistent; information are organised simply. All you have to do to get started is follow the guide of the bold icons on the app or log in to start managing your itinerary with House of Travel, and avail of a lot of other travel deals and information.

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The House of Travel app is for New Zealand travel company House of Travel travellers, whether they are online, phone, or walk-in customers. Once you receive your app, simply log in to view your travel itinerary with the New Zealand company. From here, users can manage their booking, add extras, and access their travel specialist, among others.

What’s more is the House of Travel app works all around. It has a secure locker to store your valuable information in, a destination guide to inspire you with what to see and do in your destination, access to purchase deals wherever you are going, and even a photo album and journal you can share with family and friends.

Reviews of Customers

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Based on 199 House of Travel app reviews, the House of Travel app had a 3.8 out of 5 star rating. The mix of positive and negative House of Travel app reviews variously shared the app didn’t work properly or that it was “very helpful and informative.”

One of the House of Travel app reviews said she was “Enjoying app This app is working well and very convenient. I have used it alot while traveling. The only annoying thing is that the flights and tours are dissapearing off the front screen to soon. Eg it doesn’t seem to be taking time differences into account and tours disappear the day they start and would be better the day they finish.” Graeme Sparks updated the House of Travel app’s improvements: “App now on track. Thanks to the team for fixing the bug Additions added by traveller are deleted when one updates the itinerary and dates change at will for add in.”

How To Reach Them?

Interesting Travel App Service

House of Travel App Reviews 2017 brand iconAfter reading several House of Travel app reviews, I can say this app’s worth your time and effort. It works easily and is a great travel tool and resource, despite a few minor problems that are proactively worked on by the team.

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