Travel Journal: FindPenguins App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

Travelling is a memorable experience. This is why people are looking for ways to bring back something from their trip, be it a souvenir, a photograph, or a piece of the place they visited. Once travellers choose to explore a new place, they’d want to remember everything they saw and experienced. All of these enrich them and are worthy of rediscovery.

With apps like the Travel Journal: FindPenguins app, people have a way to create their own travel profile and leave their own Footprints on this planet.

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Read our Travel Journal: FindPenguins app reviews to discover more about this travel service. If you want to learn more information about the app, check out the Travel Journal: FindPenguins app reviews from their users.

Services and Features

The Travel Journal: FindPenguins app is more than a travel diary or travel journal. It’s a place to record your favorite travel memories and keep them forever. When you’re satisfied with this record, you can order your own printed travel book, complete with stories, visited places, photographs, and should you choose, comments from your friends.

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How does it work? You won’t need Internet to post your “Footprints.” Footprints are Travel Journal: FindPenguins app posts. These are posts you create, with or without Internet connection, that represent exactly what place you visited: with photos, videos, and stories about these places. Setting your Footprint, available offline, works everywhere you are.

Travel Journal: FindPenguins app users can follow fellow travellers they’re interested in or be followed themselves.

The following are other services and features of the Travel Journal: FindPenguins app: neatly visualized travel maps, interesting travel facts and statistics, full privacy control of your posts, news feed, post auto-translation, unlimited photos, videos, and posts, and the option to follow, like, and comment on your friends’ travels.

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Reviews of Customers

The app was rated 4.4 stars out of 5 based on 426 Travel Journal: FindPenguins app reviews.

Here is what one of the Travel Journal: FindPenguins app reviews wrote: “Amazing app! Would be even better if you could view your entries in a calendar format. Video uploads would also be a nice feature. And landscape mode would make using the app so much easier. But still the best way I’ve found to share my adventures with my friends back home so 5 stars!”

Another said, “Love this app Easy to use. I particularly like the ability to import location and time from my photos, so I can snap photos and do my entries later. I hope that soon we will be able to upload short videos. Great app.” Many reviewers gave them five-star ratings. The app’s handiness enlivened travels of all kinds.
How To Reach Them?

Interesting Service

Travel Journal: FindPenguins app reviews say the app was “helpful” and useful. Others recommend some features they’d like to see. Currently, the app allows six photos per post. Users find this isn’t enough. Though, overall, people appreciated that the “free” service gave them the best way to record their travels.

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